The FlashLapse team brings years of experience and expertise in fields including scientific research, STEM education, graphic design, programming, and web development.  We are committed to promoting science education in a way that is accessible and innovative for students.

Dr. Richard Barker

Dr. Richard Barker is the managing director and co-founder of FlashLapse.  He is NASA funded plant biology researcher who specializes in bioinformatic analysis of transcriptional networks and plant image analysis.  He is a postdoctoral research scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BBSRC trained entrepreneur.

Xinyu Miao

Xinyu Miao is a research & development engineer and co-founder of FlashLapse.  He is an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who specializes in computer programming, software development, photography, and CAD.

Travis Tangen

Travis Tangen is an educational specialist who works closely with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to develop solutions for teaching the next generation of scientists.  He has spent decades in secondary education and was critical to developing the Plants and Robots program at Wisconsin Institute of Discovery.

Dr. Simon Gilroy

Dr. Simon Gilroy is the life sciences consultant for FlashLapse and a professor of botany at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He is a life sciences advisor to NASA and the National Science Foundation.  His laboratory is dedicated to studying how plants respond to terrestrial and extraterrestrial stressors.

Kai Rasmussen

Kai Rasmussen is the media/marketing specialist for FlashLapse.  He is a technical graphic designer, data scientist and manager of,, and  He uses his scientific background as a biologist to integrate data management with novel interface and protocol design.